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How to Prioritise - Tips to help you achieve your goals

How to Prioritise - Tips to help you achieve your goals

It’s already the middle of the year?! Where did the time go? Have you managed to achieve some of your 2022 goals yet? We have some tips to help you with your goal prioritization. Whether it be for work, your personal life or business goals.

Goals are the bigger picture so setting deadlines and seeing them laid out on a monthly calendar will allow you to prioritise what is most urgent. But it doesn’t mean you will get it done. Further to that you need to break down your goals into tasks then microtask. We recommend doing this is in a weekly planner/diary

Writing them down makes them tangible reminders to allow your brain to visualise what you need to do so you can move forward with your goals. Let’s break these tips down into a checklist.

  1. Mark your deadlines – having deadlines helps you move forward
  2. Create your microtasks and checklists – to make it more achievable
  3. Check your progress – to make sure you are on track
  4. Schedule recurring tasks
  5. Plan weekly and monthly
  6. Evaluate – make changes if needed
We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any of your own tips to share.
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