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Lang Calendars

Discover the world's most popular calendar brand - Lang, available for online shopping at Calendar Club. Browse and find your favourite calendars today!

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Lang 2024 Calendars

What is a Lang calendar?

Lang calendars are an established American brand of calendars that have been around for almost forty years and have been often recognised as one of the most popular brands of calendars. Spearheaded by one Mr Robert Lang, these calendars represent a story of striving not unlike our very own Calendar Club proprietor Paul Breen. 

So not only are they a brand of calendars that showcases a series of talented artists and graphics, but they are also a symbol of hard work and dedication through the years. If you are an avid calendar collector, the Lang calendar is definitely a beautiful piece to add to your collection. If you are looking for a smaller-sized calendar, we do have mini versions of our original large Lang Calendars.

Start your year with a page out of our lovely selection of lang calendars. 

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What calendar styles and themes do you offer?

Lang Calendars are known for the wide variety of graphically exquisite yearly agendas. They help bring a pop of colour to your space all while remaining at a low price.
For those who love to cook, we recommend adding this wonderful ‘Love to Cook’ lang calendar to your kitchen. 

If you enjoy your daily dose of caffeine, this 2023 Coffee Special  might just be up your cup of, sorry to say, tea! 

Depending on who you are or who you are giving this to, there is something for everyone at Calendar Club. 

Do Lang Calendars come in different sizes? 

These calendars are compact and perfect for a kitchen cabinet or an office cubicle. They offer a blend of beautiful artworks and a dedicated space for your notes and appointments for the month. And for those of you that are actively trying to be more environmentally cautious, you will love Lang calendars as we use both sides of the page. 

Additionally, we have the ‘Page-a-day’ editions of our calendars. Count your blessings every day with this sublime Bountiful Blessings or this Psalms edition of the page-a-day calendar.  

Perfect for putting inside a wardrobe or in a locker for your daily dose of inspirational quotes!

Premium Lang calendars for 2024

A Lang calendar is the perfect way to gift a premium quality product that comes at a nominal price. Not only do they work as presents for more senior members of the family, but the little ones can also enjoy one of the bright calendars showcasing birds and animals to stoke their flair for nature. 

Their exquisite selections use only the highest quality papers and bindings while being conscious of their green footprint. 

If you have any more queries regarding the sizes, shape and make of the Lang Calendars, you can find out more details on our website. 

If you are interested in being your own boss and setting up your own stall with our products, you can go through some of the frequently asked questions here and reach out to us for wholesale prices.