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Pocket Diary

Stay organised on the go with our 2024 pocket diaries / planners collection at Calendar Club. Shop online now and keep your schedule within reach.

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Shop 2024 Pocket Diary / Planners at Calendar Club

There's nothing more convenient when it comes to planning and organisation than to take your planner on the go with you, wherever you're headed throughout the week! At Calendar Club, we totally understand the need for flexibility to jot down your plans, tasks and events while you're out and about and having your planner fit in smaller bags, backpack nooks and crannies and more!

Pocket Planners are perfect for notetaking and organising yourself and your schedule when you're on the go, without the need to lug around a large-sized planner! One of our bestsellers is the Bonnie Marcus pocket planner that’s super handy to have at all times with its small size and colourful wraparound cover. Our range of pocket planners is perfectly designed for taking with you and if you're looking for your next planning best friend for the next year, we're sure to have the 2024 pocket planner for you!

Grab yourself a little pocket-sized planner so you can plan on the go. Calendar Club’s exquisite selection of pocket planners pushes the perfect plan towards execution, all with the convenience of being in, you guessed it, your pocket. 

If your phone’s dead and you need to quickly write down information, save a receipt, or maybe a few cute notes you’ve received from someone special in a safe location for later - the pocket planner is the best way to go. 

If you’re tired of planning out your week in a large-size planner, a pocket planner will help simplify your process and condense all your important information into one convenient location. 

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Get organised on the go with one of our pocket planners

A great way to scale down your planner is to get a hold of one of our lovely pocket planners. 

Sometimes your regular planning routine can feel a bit overwhelming - whether you are using a digital platform or even an A5-sized notebook planner. 

Here are a couple of helpful tips to make the best use of your pocket planner: 

  • Put in a contact card with your phone number or email address with your name in case you ever need your precious cargo returned to you. 
  • Add stickers, small drawings or quotes that will inspire you to look at your planner. This isn’t meant to just be all work, include playfulness in your routine and it will become easier to develop the habit of planning. 
  • Set up a monthly, weekly and daily task list. This helps break up the bigger plans into easier paths that help you reach your long-term goals. 
  • Keep it minimal! Don’t overwrite and clutter your planner so you can focus on the important things. 
  • Pick a planner that suits your interests. Whether you’re a football fan or a nature enthusiast, we will have one for you at Calendar Club!

What is included in a pocket planner?

The pocket planners we offer at Calendar Club are soft-bound or spiralled depending on your preference. The features include a beautiful cover image as well as extendable calendar pages for long-term planning and note-taking. You can also customize your pocket planner with add-ons created by talented creators online. Easy on the eyes while being a breeze to use. 

How can I make the best use of my pocket planner?

The best way to get the most out of your planner is to keep it simple and create your own style of organisation. Draw inspiration from other creators that use a similar style of planning.

Once you have you have made your planner your owner by customising it, you find it easier to stay consistent. Pocket planners don’t have to be filled with just boring dates and deadlines - treat it like a second brain you can come back to at the end of your day, week or month and see how much progress you have made. 

Our calendars and planners are great for gifting. Give someone the opportunity to plan a great year and check out some of our high-quality pocket planners on the Calendar Club website today! We also have pop-up stores in and around the city so stop by if you’d like to see our products in person.