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Licensee Frequently Asked Questions
What are the opening and closing dates of your stores?
Generally, the earliest store opening date is early November, and stores will continue to open until mid/late November. At the time of interview, you will be advised of the likely opening date of your store. Stores will close by mid-January or earlier. The exact store closing dates are not known until just before Christmas.
Why do I need to provide a security deposit? When is it payable? And when do I get it back?
The Security Deposit is payable for two reasons. Firstly, this is your way of securing your store. By providing your Security Deposit you confirm that you are serious about operating a Calendar Club Store, and that you are committed for the calendar season. Secondly, Calendar Club will be sending you stock, store fixtures and POS machines, which have a value more than $100,000. The Security Deposit is a relatively small way in which we can ensure our assets are taken care of properly. The Security Deposit is payable at the time of signing your Store Licensee Agreement. It is refundable at the end of the calendar season, subject to satisfactory store reconciliation, generally within two weeks. The security bond for one store is $1,000 and $1,500 for two stores.
Do I need an ABN to run a store?
Yes, as an independent contractor (not required in New Zealand) of Calendar Club (i.e., not an employee) you will need to provide us with an ABN (Australian Business Number). This is a simple process and can be obtained online via the Australian Tax Office, free of charge, and is provided to you instantly. Refer to Australian Business Registry website for more information. Without an ABN, we are required by law to deduct 48.5% from your commission payments.
Do I pay the GST on what I sell?
Calendar Club collects GST as part of the revenue generated from calendar sales. We then pay you commission based on these sales. You will need to advise us whether to add GST to your commission payments. Historically, most of our Store Licensees are not liable for GST, but this is an individual circumstance, and we suggest you seek advice from either the Australian or New Zealand Tax Office or your accountant. In either case the process is relatively simple.
If there is a major theft at my store, does Calendar Club have insurance to cover my loss?
Calendar Club has a detailed Incident Reporting procedure to allow us to properly investigate situations like this. The short answer is that if you have not been shown to be negligent, Calendar Club will generally cover these types of losses. This is a case-by-case situation.
I understand I am responsible for stock shrinkage. How is this calculated?
Stock Shrinkage refers to stock sent to your store that cannot be accounted for. This can occur in many ways, including incorrect receiving of stock at the store, incorrect stock transfers as you close your store, and shop lifting or theft. Throughout the season we have procedures in place which if followed, will help minimise stock loss. At the end of the season Calendar Club will calculate the amount of shrinkage for a given store. There is also an indemnity scheme provided based on Licensee performance. The fundamental to this is we provide stock to you in a range of $75,000 to over $200,000 on a consignment basis and we need you to look after the stock like your own. Licensees who follow Calendar Club’s recommendations correctly generally find they have low shrinkage.
Does Calendar Club have Public Liability insurance?
Yes, our coverage is $20,000,000. Our public liability insurance provides coverage for members of the public who may be injured in any way by something to do with the operations of Calendar Club. Calendar Club also offers an optional extra Public Liability Cover to Licensees.
I have never worked in retail before. Does Calendar Club provide training? Who pays for this training?
Calendar Club provides extensive training material and support that will help you understand our simple retail model. These training materials are provided to you as part of your license. Training is available before opening and extends throughout your trading period. This includes manuals, troubleshooting guides, and videos. All manuals are available electronically, so they are available for you to share with your team. There are Head Office staff and Sales Managers to support you on your journey.
Why do I need access to the internet and email?
Calendar Club will send you regular information and respond to your questions via our communication portal Zendesk and your personal email. This is the fastest and most effective method to communicate. You will need access to a computer and a printer on a regular basis. Calendar Club will set up a Zendesk login for you, which you will need to use for the season. Further details will be provided to you when we execute your contract.
How many staff do I need? Where do I find them? And who pays them?
The size and sales budget of your store will normally determine the number of staff you will need. A store with a high sales budget will generally require more staff, as you will have more customers to deal with and more stock to handle. Shopping centres trade seven days a week, plus late nights. Most times, one person will be sufficient, however, to cover all hours that a shopping centre trades, you will need some help from time to time. During the Christmas period there is a large pool of people seeking work. Family, friends, students; anyone can be trained to be an effective sales assistant. Placing a small advertisement online or the student board at the local university or TAFE (AUS) or Polytechnic (NZ) will bring big results. Payment of staff wages is your responsibility. Most Store Licensees pay their staff weekly to coincide with their weekly commission payment. You will also need to check your local statutory requirement to pay tax, superannuation, work care, and or other requirement in your state/country. Calendar Club provides you some guidelines on this in the Resource Manual.
What hours do I have to work?
our Calendar Club store trading hours are aligned with your shopping centre trading hours. Your store must be open while the shopping centre is open. Store Licensees generally commit to working between 40 and 50 hours per week, with sufficiently trained staff to cover additional hours.
What do I wear while working at my store?
Calendar Club has approved dress standards, which are published in the Store Licensee Resources Manual. In general terms, you, and your staff, need to be well groomed, wear clean pressed clothes, and wear the supplied Calendar Club aprons.
How and when do I get paid?
Commissions are paid weekly in arrears, directly into your nominated bank account.
How do I secure my store over night?
Calendar Club provides overnight covers, providing reasonable protection, which you must use to cover your store overnight. Generally shopping centres are closed after 6pm (except for some supermarkets and any late-night trading), and in most cases, security guards patrol the shopping centres after hours.
What is the referral bonus and how do I earn this?
Calendar Club provides a referral bonus to anyone who recommend someone to us, and they are successful in their application. Many of our past Licensees have introduced us to their friends, family, and staff. So, what are you waiting for? Recommend someone and your $500 referral bonus will be paid to you on the week they open their store. It is as easy as that!!