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Monthly Planner

Stay better organised throughout the year in style using our 2024 monthly diary / planners at Calendar Club. Check out our collections and shop online today.

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Shop 2024 Monthly Diaries / Planners at Calendar Club

If you're looking to plan out your year and prefer to see your month's tasks, due dates and events in advance, a monthly planner is perfect for getting that bird's eye view of your entire month. Calendar Club is super excited to offer their range of 2023 monthly planners in the lead up to the new year and have a range of styles, sizes and formats when it comes to personal planning. 

Monthly planners are great for scheduling all the important things you have planned for each month. You may want to make a list of birthdays to remember, keep track of your social events and plan out special occasions all in one place. Plus you can track your monthly budget with our monthly planners!

The calendar format is spread over two pages, which also makes it easy for you to track the number of days each month has. Our monthly planners are available in different formats and variations in binding, covers and spread inclusions. If you prefer a spiral-bound planner, we have a great selection such as our 2023 Citrus Garden Do It All Monthly Planner. For different style options, our 2023 Doggone Cute Monthly Planner is a bestseller for its adorable cover style and we can see why! Personal planning in a diary doesn't have to be boring with stunning covers to motivate you to plan and extra pages to hold all your notes, birthdays, finances etc. on top of the functional monthly spread. 

Shop a great range of 2023 Monthly Planners at Calendar Club to find the perfect monthly diary to suit your lifestyle and personal aesthetic.

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Why Monthly Planners Should Be Your Go To For 2023

We all have that one friend who just seems to be constantly organised. Doesn't forget dates, remembers appointments and EVEN birthdays. What's their secret? We'd like to think it's because they've got one of our monthly planners! 

Monthly planners are perfect for those who like to plan well in advance, or for those who like to have a big-picture view of their life. Plus, with our amazing range of designs, there's sure to be one that catches your eye!

How do I use a monthly planner?

Monthly planners are something of a halfway-house between a normal daily/weekly planner and a full-on calendar. As a result, the way they're used is a little bit different. We would characterise them as being most ideal for planning out broader appointments and reminders. But the beauty of the middle-length format that is a monthly planner, is that you can still add in more detailed notes related to each appointment as well as jot down thoughts in the lined note sections.

Can my monthly planner be mounted on a wall?

Yes! In fact, many of our monthly planners come with wall-mounting accessories so that you can easily turn your planner into a handy wall calendar. You get the best of both worlds! And as it's not a permanent way of fixing the planner you can still easily take it down and add more content to it without any extra hassle.

What's the difference between a monthly and weekly planner?

The short answer to this one is that they just cover different amounts of days on each page. In a weekly planner, you can generally expect to find each two-page section covering a period of 7 days and usually accompanied by a section for notes. With monthly planners, the scope is broader and tends to cover a wider range. Unlike calendars though, they still come with the option to add notes, many of them have double pages which can be dedicated specifically to journalling