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Minimalist wall calendar

Our Top 5 Calendar Picks for Christmas Gifts

Oh no! It’s that time of year again… 

Christmas shopping can be super stressful, especially if your friends or family are difficult to shop for. Well, don’t worry because Calendar Club has a collection of calendar gifts for everyone to enjoy this Christmas.

Give the Gift of Organisation

A calendar is a great gift that you can give to many different people for many different reasons. It helps people keep track of their day-to-day life without taking up too much space, so you know it's a Christmas gift they'll actually use. It's also perfect for individuals who prefer to see their tasks and ideas in paper form rather than on their mobile phones or laptop. But, they're not only practical, they also create funny, cute or inspirational moments every single day with their imagery.

A calendar gift can be as personal (think shirtless firefighters) or impersonal (like the World Wonders calendar) as need be, depending on if the recipient is your close friend or a work colleague. It's also a considerate option for someone who doesn't like to receive expensive gifts for Christmas. It can even be a cheeky gift for your exceedingly disorganised friend!

So give the gift of organisation this Christmas. But in a fun way!

Our calendars aren't only for hanging up on a wall. At Calendar Club, we offer an extensive range of calendars, including magnetic, pocket-sized, desk pads, page-a-day and more! With daily, weekly and monthly options available, you can choose a Christmas gift that's truly special.

Dog Calendars

If you know someone who loves animals, why not buy them a dog calendar for Christmas? This is a jolly gift idea for anyone who loves spending time with their furry friends, and it will help keep them organised throughout the year. We have a calendar for almost every dog breed on the planet, from German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes to Australian Cattle Dogs.

With over 100 adorable dog calendar gifts to choose from, you're bound to find one that resonates with your dog-loving friend or family member.

Firefighter Calendars

An Australian Firefighter calendar makes a great gift for anyone who loves the excitement and danger of firefighting (or just hunky men with six-packs). The best part is that we have different versions for you to choose from. We have our firefighters holding animals, such as cats or dogs, or just baring their chiselled firefighter bodies for you to gawk at. These calendars are perfect for hanging up in the bedroom, and they make a great conversation starter.

If you're looking for something unique and exciting for the firefighter (or firefighter lover) in your life, then one of these calendars is the perfect Christmas gift. They're sure to love it!

Page-A-Day Calendars

As you might've guessed, page-a-day calendars have 365 days worth of interesting and quirky pages. These pages could have just about anything on them — from puns, artworks, jokes or crosswords to golf tips and awkward family photos. They're a great way to get the creative juices flowing and they'll be sure to keep your friend or family member entertained for the whole year!

Sports Calendars

Know any sports fans in need of a little organisation? Perfect. We've got you covered with our range of sports calendars packed full of Australia's favourite pasttimes. If you want to treat your sports buddy to something special for Christmas, then get them a calendar of their favourite Aussie rules, rugby league or English Premier League team. Or, if you know any grease monkeys, a Grand Prix, Formula 1 or MotoCross calendar gift will put a smile on their face.

Daily Planners

Daily planners let you write out your daily goals, thoughts and mental notes all in one place. If you have a super busy friend, then getting them one of these will help them enhance their productivity and manage their stress levels. It serves as a reliable way to record their thoughts and progress while allowing room for them to exercise their creativity. All in all, a daily planner is a sensible Christmas gift that your busy bee friend will appreciate!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and if you're still thinking about what to get your friends or family, a calendar from Calendar Club is a thoughtful option. We have an extensive range of calendars to choose from, including dog calendars, firefighter calendars, page-a-day calendars and more. Our calendars are high quality and make great gifts for any occasion. So don't wait — order your calendar today!

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