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Unclen John's Bathroom Reader 2022 Page-A-Day
SKU 9781523512287


Hundreds of absolutely true factoids, bizarre history, and funny crime stories.

No one knows wacky like Uncle John’s.

Presenting a whole new year of quirky factoids, odd anecdotes, and more weird, wonderful entertainment for the 68 percent of people who admit to being bathroom readers. Surprising vocab, like pogonophobe (someone who’s afraid of beards). Quirky questions: What is the purpose of earwax? (To keep ears clean and lubricated so they don’t dry out.) And intriguing origin stories, like how tater tots were invented. Plus, Thoughts for the Throne, Roll Call, Legal Briefs, Pot-pourri, and Uncle John’s Stall of Shame.

A humour gift for fun-fact enthusiasts.