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Ultimate Sudoku 2023 Page-A-Day
SKU 9781531917142

Ultimate Sudoku provides hours of entertainment while sharpening your mind. With a mix of puzzle variations to challenge all levels, such as IRREGULAR, DIAGONAL, and SUM SUDOKU, each page provides a unique puzzle to solve. Ultimate Sudoku is the perfect calendar for those who enjoy testing their puzzle skills and strategies.

Product Details

SKU: 9781531917142


Publisher: Sellers Publishing Inc


Format: Page-A-Day


Binding: Adhesive


Start Day: Sunday


Time Span: 365 Days


Start Date: 01/01/2023


Open Dimensions (H x W mm): 147 x 127


Weight (grams): 476.2716


Grid Shape: N/A


Grid Size: N/A


Contains Nudity: No