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Owls: Jeannine Chappell 2023 Large Wall Calendar
SKU 9781087503882

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Mythologically, owls are often portrayed as symbols of wisdom, but these majestic creatures have another side in folklore too, sometimes representing the proverbial unknown. Because of their heightened senses, owls thrive in the darkness and are able to see paths others can't. Perhaps the 12 unique and detailed owl portraits in this calendar, striking digital paintings based on watercolors by Jeannine Chappell, will inspire you to take the road less traveled throughout this year.

Product Details

SKU: 9781087503882

Publisher: Pomegranate Communications

Format: Large Wall Calendar

Binding: Stapled

Start Day: Sunday

Time Span: 12 Months

Start Date: 01/01/2023

Open Dimensions (H x W mm): 661 x 305

Weight (grams): 294.8348

Grid Shape: Rectangle

Grid Size: Large

Contains Nudity: No