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Jokes You Can't Tell Your Mother! 2023 Page-A-Day
SKU 9781531917289

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If you think no joke is X rated as long as it’s funny, Jokes You Can’t Tell Your Mother! is sure to keep you laughing all year long! Now in its thirteenth year of publication, our editors have selected content that is as lewd and crude as ever! This is the biggest, baddest collection of dirty jokes and politically incorrect punch lines you’ll find, and it’s sure to leave you laughing!

Product Details

SKU: 9781531917289

Publisher: Sellers Publishing Inc

Format: Page-A-Day

Binding: Adhesive

Start Day: Sunday

Time Span: 365 Days

Start Date: 01/01/2023

Open Dimensions (H x W mm): 147 x 127

Weight (grams): 476.2716

Grid Shape: N/A

Grid Size: N/A

Contains Nudity: No