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High Art 2022 Square Wall Calendar
SKU 9781523513321


For centuries, art historians have been puzzled by the enigmatic smile on the Mona Lisa’s face. But maybe there is no mystery. Maybe she was just stoned!

Featuring twelve of the world’s masterpieces, High Art subversively reimagines our favourite paintings as if the artists and their subjects had all been enjoying a toke. And the effect will surely give you the giggles. There’s Caravaggio’s Bacchus, getting blitzed on something that’s definitely not wine. The surreal tableau depicted in Rousseau’s The Dream becomes even trippier with the addition of a joint. Posing with a pitchfork full of pot, the farm couple in American Gothic seem far less stern and maybe just trying to keep a straight face after testing their crop. And what’s that happening in Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam - is that God passing the first human a spliff??

For art lovers, weed aficionados, and anyone with a high-minded sense of humour, it’s an unexpected and irreverent gift.