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Pocket Planner

2023 Pocket Planners

There's nothing more convenient when it comes to planning and organisation than to take your planner on the go with you, wherever you're headed throughout the week! At Calendar Club, we totally understand the need for flexibility to jot down your plans, tasks and events while you're out and about and having your planner fit in smaller bags, backpack nooks and crannies and more!

Pocket Planners are perfect for notetaking and organising yourself and your schedule when you're on the go, without the need to lug around a large-sized planner! One of our bestsellers is the Bonnie Marcus pocket planner that’s super handy to have at all times with its small size and colourful wraparound cover. Our range of pocket planners is perfectly designed for taking with you and if you're looking for your next planning best friend for the next year, we're sure to have the 2023 pocket planner for you!

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