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Magnetic Wall Calendars

Magnetic 2023 Wall Calendars 

If you're not one to pop anything up on the wall but like to plan out your appointments in a super convenient spot, our 2023 magnetic wall calendars may just be for you! Perfect for popping on your fridge, office whiteboard or other magnetic spots, Calendar Club has a range of magnetic wall calendars that are super convenient. They're often known as fridge calendars as fridges tend to be a great location to put information in a central location in your home and can hold a bunch of items that are magnetic on its surface. Our magnetic wall calendars work as great 2023 fridge calendars to display your plans, appointments and date for the month right on your fridge!

These calendars come as Monthly Pads so that as you go through the months, you can simply tear away the page for that month and start fresh to organise your plans. Featuring a range of popular, unique designs such as the 2022 Succulent Garden Wall Calendar and 2023 Bella Flora Wall Calendar that feature beautiful artwork that add a splash of colour and personality to your monthly outlook.  

Our magnetic calendars aren't just available for the 12 months of 2023 but are also available in 17-month variations so that you can start using them sooner rather than later!  We also have a range of other wall calendars in our collection that aren't magnets but can still be hung up with ease. Find the best calendar to keep yourself organised through 2023 at Calendar Club!

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