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Art 2022 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Page-A-Day Gallery
SKU 9781523514625


A museum for your desktop.

A year of hundreds of masterpieces, mesmerizingly reproduced in glossy, full-colour photographs. Featuring a diverse and international selection, dating from prehistoric to contemporary art, this calendar is a veritable world history of art in day after day of richly detailed sculpture, painting, photography, woodblock prints, and crafts.

Beauford Delaney’s modern and reverent oil painting of James Baldwin. Su Hanchen’s finely detailed silk scrolls. A ’60s Campbell’s Soup–patterned pop art dress. A glowing gold and turquoise Aztec shield - and more captivating treasures.

This is a refill pack for the Gallery Calendar. It includes the 160 glossy, high quality pages of the Art Page-a-Day Gallery Calendar 2022, but there is no plastic backer included.