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#MeetTheTeam Jo Price

Jo Price, Calendar Club ANZ's Financial Controller.

With a professionally suitable surname, Jo is a qualified Accountant and Finance Manager.
Jo has been an integral part of our team since 2017, and not just because she in charge of our bank account! Jo lights up the office with her witty take on things and leaves us all in awe of her indifference to getting higher up on our Table Tennis scoreboard!

Coming from 20 years of finance and management experience in the manufacturing and retail sectors, Jo contributes a wealth of experience in streamlining all aspects of our business. “What I love most about working at Calendar Club is that we work together in a strong entrepreneurial team environment to achieve goals and continuous growth. With planning and operational excellence aimed to improve our customers' and licensees' experience, a real sense of empowerment and positive work culture brews here," shares Jo.

Talking about brews, Jo particularly takes pride in replacing our pod coffee machine with one that uses ground coffee. We diligently practice the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot, and Recycle, and Jo's initiative makes the coffee get disposed of in our compost bin which nourishes our garden and warehouse veggie patch. While we keep finding ways to reduce Calendar Club’s carbon footprint, Jo helped us increase our climate-positive handprint!

Away from work, Jo leads an active lifestyle, enjoys yoga, cooking, reading a good book and live music.

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