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We are always looking for Store Licensee partners who can work hard, who can drive sales, and who are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service in a fun environment. We give those with an entrepreneurial spirit a unique opportunity to own their own business.

Our Store Licensees want to start a business with little cash investment and we understand that. Our Licensees dedicate 9 to 15 weeks of their time each year to run their stores. We give them the products,support and training – as well as a proven profit formula. We have negotiated leases with leading shopping centres ready for you to open your own store. Licensees are given the responsibility to run the store. Retail or management experience is preferred, but not required.

Potential Licensees start with an initial phone call with one of our company representatives, who will explain our program and discuss your background. Interested Licensees will then complete an application form and will also include a list of shopping centres they’re interested in for their store, as well as some personal/business references. Our nearest State Manager will then interview you in person.

We will discuss which stores might be available to you including open/close dates, sales projections, locations, and other important details. If we select you as a Store Licensee candidate, we will conduct a background and credit check. Once that’s complete, we’ll send you a Store Licensee Agreement detailing all the ins and outs of working with us.

That’s how things work in a nutshell. We’ve also included below some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that will shed even more light on the Calendar Club store opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the opening and closing dates of my store?

Generally the earliest store opening date is around October 19th and stores will continue to open until mid/late November. At the time of interview you will be advised of the likely opening date of your store.

Stores will progressively close from the first week of January until the end of January. The exact store closing dates are not known until just before Christmas (as we review our total store stock position), at which time you will be advised by the Calendar Club Office.

You need to ensure that you are in a position to keep your store open until the revised closing dates, which can be as late as 31st January. The decision to keep your store open is entirely at the discretion of Calendar Club.


Why do I have to provide a Security Bond, when is it payable, and when do I get it back?

The Security Deposit is payable for two reasons. Firstly, this is your way of securing your store. By providing your Security Deposit you confirm that you are serious about operating a Calendar Club Store, and that you are committed for the calendar season. Secondly, Calendar Club will be sending you stock, store fixtures and POS machines, which have a value in excess of $100,000. The Security Deposit is a relatively small way in which we can ensure our assets are taken care of properly.

The Security Deposit is payable at the time of signing your Store Licensee Agreement and must accompany your signed agreement. The Security Deposit is refundable to you at the end of the calendar season, subject to satisfactory store reconciliation, generally no later than 15 th February.


Do I need an ABN – ie. Australian Business Number (Australian stores only)?

Yes, as an independent contractor of Calendar Club (i.e. not an employee) you will need to provide us with an ABN. This is a simple process that usually takes no more 7-10 days, and is organized via the Australian Tax Office, free of charge. It can be applied for online ( and the ABN is given to you instantly.

Without an ABN, we are required by law to deduct 48.5% from your commission payments.


Will Calendar Club deduct withholding tax on my behalf (New Zealand Stores only)?

This is up to you. The majority of Licensees prefer to look after their own taxation, however, if you do wish Calendar Club to deduct withholding tax on your behalf, please indicate it on the Store Licensee Agreement.


Do I have to pay GST?

Calendar Club collects GST as part of the revenue generated from calendar sales. We then pay you commission based on these sales. You will need to advise us whether or not to add GST to your commission payments. Historically, most of our Store Licensees are not liable for GST, but this is an individual circumstance and we suggest you seek advice from either the Australian or New Zealand Tax Office or your accountant. In either case the process is relatively simple.


What if there is a theft at my store? Do you have insurance that covers my loss?

Calendar Club has a detailed Incident Reporting procedure to allow us to properly investigate situations like this. The short answer is that as long as you have not been shown to be negligent Calendar Club will generally cover these types of losses. This is a case by case situation. Shoplifting is a different matter and is solely your responsibility.


I understand that I am responsible for stock shrinkage, but why is it charged at Full Retail Price?

Shrinkage refers to stock sent to your store that can no longer be accounted for. This can occur in many ways, including incorrect receiving of stock at the store, incorrect stock transfers as you close the store and occasionally shop lifting or theft. Throughout the season we have procedures in place which if followed will minimize this stock loss.

At the end of the season Calendar Club will calculate the amount of shrinkage for a given store. Licensees who follow Calendar Club’s recommendations correctly generally find they have low shrinkage.



Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, our coverage is $20,000,000. Our public liability insurance provides coverage for members of the general public who may be injured in any way by something to do with the operations of Calendar Club. Calendar Club does not cover any matters arising from Store Licensee negligence.


I have never worked in retail before. Do you have training courses? Who pays for these?

Calendar Club provides training material and support that will help you understand our simple retail model. We have on the ground support (state-based State Managers), comprehensive manuals and Internet links. Our offices “Calendar Central” in Melbourne and Auckland also provide phone support.

You will also be required to attend either a refresher or new training session in a venue nominated by Calendar Club. Where this training involves travel to a state other than your own state, Calendar Club will refund your reasonable flight costs – more details are included in your Store Licensee Agreement. You will need to pay for your overnight hotel accommodation and any expenses outside of conference hours.


Why are there Recoverable Costs in your Store Licensee Agreement?

Calendar Club has invested a lot of time and money into the success of its retail program. The season is a short one and we need to ensure that we do all that we can to achieve the maximum economic return for our efforts/investment. The Recoverable Costs are in place to ensure compliance to basic operational standards such as opening your store on time, banking daily, dressing appropriately, and follow our administration processes. These basic tasks need to be done every day to ensure the continued viability of Calendar Club.

Running a Calendar Club store is not difficult and if you follow guidelines outlined by Calendar Club, you will generally have few if any problems. Most Store Licensees comply with these simple requirements and the stores that don’t will be warned and if necessary Recoverable Costs are charged.


Why do I need access to the Internet and email?

Calendar Club will send you regular information, respond to any questions etc and we will generally do this by email. This is the fastest and most cost-effective method to communicate. You will need access to a computer and a printer on a regular basis. Calendar Club will set up an email account for you free of charge, which you will need to use for the season. This email address and password will generally be provided to you in September or October.


How many staff do I need, where do I find them, and who pays them?

The size and sales budget of your store will normally determine the number of staff you will need. A store with a high sales budget will generally require more staff, as you will have more customers to deal with and more stock to handle. In general terms you will need a staff pool of approximately 4 to 6 people, including yourself. As shopping centres trade seven days a week, plus late nights you will need some help. This does not mean that you will have four to six people working in your store at the same time – you won’t. But you’ll need people periodically through the week to assist you in your store.

During the Christmas period there is a large pool of people seeking work. Students, family members, friends, basically anyone can be trained to be an effective sales assistant. Placing a small advertisement in the local newspaper or on the student board at the local university or TAFE (AUS) or Polytechnic (NZ) will bring big results.

Payment of staff wages is your responsibility. Most Store Licensees pay their staff weekly to coincide with their weekly commission payment. You will also need to check your requirement to pay superannuation (AU only) and work care in your particular state. Calendar Club provides you with a full staffing kit, as part of its Store Operations Manual, which covers most of your detailed staffing questions.


What hours do I have to work?

Your Calendar Club store needs to be open every hour that the shopping centre is open. As mentioned in the previous question/answer, you need to have sufficient staff (including yourself) to ensure this occurs. Generally, Store Licensees will make a commitment of between 40 and 50 hours per week themselves, with sufficient good staff to cover other times. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Calendar Club will provide you with suggestions or Staff Rosters as part of our induction and training processes.


What do I wear at the store?

Calendar Club has an approved dress standard, which is published in the Store Licensee Resources Manual. In general terms you (and your staff) need to be well groomed, wear clean pressed clothes including the apron which is supplied by Calendar Club.


How and when do I get paid?

Commissions are paid on Thursdays for Australian stores and Friday for New Zealand stores, directly into your nominated bank account.


I understand I need to bank 100% of sales received daily. Where and how do I do this?

Calendar Club banks with Westpac (Bank of Melbourne in Victoria). You will need to bank all cash sales received into our bank account each day. We will provide you with a bank deposit book and access to a night safe facility, which will allow you to bank out of regular banking hours (not available in New Zealand). Alternatively, you can bank over the counter at your local Westpac branch.


How do I secure my kiosk at night?

Calendar Club will provide you with an overnight cover, which you will use to cover your kiosk at night. There are several versions of the cover, and you need to ensure you apply it correctly. It affords reasonable protection. Generally shopping centres are closed after 6pm (with the exception of the supermarkets and any late night trading). In most cases, security guards patrol the shopping centres after hours.


Do I need a car?
A car is essential, due to the need to move stock and other items to and from your store.

If you would like to pursue operating your own Calendar Club store please send us an email with your contact information to: (Australian stores) or (New Zealand stores).



Don’t take our word for it. Here is what past and present Calendar Club Licensees have said.

“Calendar Club is a very organised and professional retail operation. They deliver what they promise and are
great to deal with. I had a fantastic experience with them running my store this year.”

“These guys really understand retail. They make it easy. Calendar Club is bloody hard work but it’s great fun
too and financially rewarding. I’ve run stores for five years and it keeps getting better every year.”

“I have been in retail for 20 years and have run my own business for most of that time. I thought I knew what
I was doing. But the Calendar Club business takes it to a whole new level. They are professional, honest and
supportive and have a great offer that customers love. I can’t wait to open my store again this year.”

“Calendars, Christmas and customers hungry for great gifts. It’s a perfect formula and a great way to make
some money at the end of the year.”

“Every year Calendar Club do something different and exciting and it reflects in my sales going up every year. If
this is not the best retail business in the market then I don’t know what is.”

“I guess after 18 years you’re going to be pretty good at something and Calendar Club is very good. What is
good too is that they really want all their store Licensees to make as much money as possible and that suits
me fine! Thank you Calendar Club.”

“Calendar Club is a no-hassle business. Virtually everything is provided to run your store and there are great
incentives to sell more. Everything gets paid on time and the people are great to deal with. It’s hard work and
the hours can be long but it has been very rewarding for me and my family.”


Want to Know More ?

You can contact one of our friendly local managers to find out more information or apply via the  ‘Want to know more? – Click here’  button below and our local manager will contact you.

NSW / ACT State Manager – Lizzie Howard 0412 727 076

Victoria – Marci Mc Kenny 0433 188 872

Queensland – Terry Cridland 0433 380 330

New Zealand – Estelle Arts (64) 27295 3277


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