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We are always seeking enthusiastic retail focused licensees for our calendar kiosks. Our current licensees are people like you, from all walks of life. They have questioned and investigated our business model and now enjoy lengthy and successful partnerships with Calendar Club. Find Out More

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About Us

Calendar Club, based in Melbourne, Victoria is the largest and most successful seasonal pop-up retailer in Australia and New Zealand. We opened our first stores in 1995 and now operate in excess of 140 kiosks or stores in major shopping centres across Australasia every year. Globally, Calendar Club operates over 1,400 stores worldwide, through its strategic joint venture companies in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. As the industry leading retailer of calendars we offer our customers a selection of more than 4,000 calendars and gift products through our retail stores and our online store. Every Christmas we serve over a million customers in Australia and New Zealand. Calendar Club features a product mix that offers shoppers maximum quality, selection and value, with a special attraction — distinctly seasonal products, during the biggest shopping season of the year. .

Our Values

We deliver what we promise and take responsibility for the outcomes, good or bad.
We continue to innovate, even when there is no pressing need to do so.
We treat everyone fairly and with kindness.
We have fun and enjoy what we do.

Calendar People

Paul Breen


Billy Adam

Warehouse Supervisor

Glenn Rushbrook

Financial Controller

Vera Chan

Operations Manager

Angela Deva

Warehouse Supervisor

Bruce Ryan

Warehouse and Distribution Manager

James Kyritsis

IT & Ecommerce Manager

Steve Jones

Infrastructure and Real Estate Manager

Ay Goik

Administration Manager

Estelle Arts

New Zealand Country Manager

Margaret Breen

National Real Estate Consultant

Richard Good

New Zealand Distribution Manager

Gillian Kingston

Operations & Merchandise

Open your own Calendar Club Pop Up Store

We are always looking for Store Licensee partners who can work hard, who can drive sales, and who are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service in a fun environment. We give those with an entrepreneurial spirit a unique opportunity to own their own business. Our Store Licensees want to start a business with little cash investment and we understand that. Our Licensees dedicate 9 to 15 weeks of their time each year to run their stores. We give them the products, support and training – as well as a proven profit formula. We have negotiated leases with leading shopping centres ready for you to open your own store. Licensees are given the responsibility to run the store. Retail or management experience is preferred, but not required. Potential Licensees start with an initial phone call with one of our company representatives, who will explain our program and discuss your background. Interested Licensees will then complete an application form and will also include a list of shopping centres they’re interested in for their store, as well as some personal/business references. Our nearest State Manager will then interview you in person. We will discuss which stores might be available to you including open/close dates, sales projections, locations, and other important details. If we select you as a Store Licensee candidate, we will conduct a background and credit check. Once that’s complete, we’ll send you a Store Licensee Agreement detailing all the ins and outs of working with us. That’s how things work in a nutshell. We’ve also included below some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that will shed even more light on the Calendar Club store opportunity.  


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